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A Brand New Product

Customize a message straight from your phone to our bottle! This is perfect for birthdays and bachelorette parties!

Bachelorette Parties

If you are a Bachelor or Bachelorette we have you covered to celebrate your special night out!

Birthday Party

Celebrate your birthday in style with us!


We will help you celebrate any special occasion! Book with us today!

VIP Bottle Service

If you are celebrating a special occasion we have some of the best bottles to offer! All bottles come with free mixins. Mixins include(but are not limited to) Red Bull, Coke, Cranberry, Orange Juice, Soda, Tonic, and more! All bottle service allows you to reserve seats no matter how big the party is!

Medea Vodka

  • medea-vodka-xl
  • Premium Dutch Vodka
  • Access to reserve seating
  • Interactive bottle to customize your messages
  • Free mixins(red bull, soda, oj, coke, etc)
  • Check out this video showcasing this amazing new vodka product exclusively at Boyztown!

Van Gough Vodka

  • van-gogh-vodka
  • Access reserve seating
  • One of our best selling vodkas
  • Mixins included
  • Multiple flavors
  • Van Gough Vodka is our premium vodka that we use for all of our mixed drinks.


  • absolute
  • Access to reserve seating
  • Multiple flavors
  • One of the worlds best vodkas
  • Mixins included

Grey Goose

  • vodka-grey-goose
  • Access to reserve seating
  • French premium vodka
  • Mixins included
  • Best seller!

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